Best Bread in Boston

2000 Best Bread

Hi-Rise Bread Company


Baked right on the premises with organic whole wheat, rye, and corn flours, Hi-Rise bread does a body good. In addition to more than a dozen breads offered on the…Read More

1998 Best Bread

Iggy’s Bread of the World


What does “Bread of the World” mean? For Iggy’s, it translates into old-fashioned, naturally leavened, hearth-baked breads made from ingredients that have not been chemically treated in any way (“as…Read More

1997 Best Bread

Biga Breads


Carmelized onion and cheese ciabatta (a twisted Tuscan bread), triple-raisin loaf, and parmesan-pepper breadsticks are just a few reasons to check out Biga. In addition to retail sales…Read More

1996 Best Bread



This is bread we dream of, we crave, we travel miles to buy. The Francese bread is amazing, in rolls or loaves. Beautiful focaccia, superb multigrain bread, and delicious cold…Read More

1993 Best Bread



Although many are trying, no one succeeds at making good bread as well as Cezanne. The pepper sicelle and the ciabatta are exceptional…Read More

1991 Best Bread



The bread alone is worth the wait for a table at Olives…Read More

1989 Best Bread

Clear Flour Bakery


The only time everybody really gets crunchy-chewy is when you’re talking about bread. And the crunchiest, chewiest loaves in town are made by Clear Flour…Read More

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