Best Beach in Boston

2011 Best Beach

Crane Beach


“Majestic” hardly does justice to the landscape at Crane, where sand-swept hills roll sweetly to a pristine shore. To the north, Plum Island creates a welcome barrier from rough surf,…Read More

2000 Best Beach

Crane Beach


The long, winding boardwalks and grassy dunes at Crane Beach can magically readjust the tired mind of even the most citified creature. After sinking your toes into the beach’s soft…Read More

1999 Best Beach

Crane Beach


The white sand goes on forever—or at least for four-and-a-half miles. This North Shore strip has the dunes, the best-blended concession stands, the most peaceful ambience—all in a preserved marshland…Read More

1986 Best Beach

Crane’s Beach


Public parking, fine sand, and dunes with little hollows perfect for trysting the afternoon away. A gem in the heart of John Updike country…Read More

1974 Best Beach

Long Nook and Balston Beaches

Cape Cod

Nudism unhampered, wine, smoke, beautiful waves, monstrous cliffs. All ages, sizes, shapes, types. Volleyball and dry-humping major sports…Read More

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