Best Bartender in Boston


Todd Maul, Café Artscience


Imagine a boozy amuse-bouche of scotch, inhaled as a plume of smoke. Or a mai tai that actually grows stronger thanks to rum-soaked banana leaves lining the walls of your…Read More

2015 Best Bartender

Patrick Gaggiano, Vialé


There are a couple of reasons to visit a bar. One is to sip masterful cocktails. The other is to savor the charms of the bartender, a pleasure you’ll discover...Read More

2013 Best Bartender

Sam Treadway, Backbar


In just a year, Treadway has taken this already exciting snack-and-cocktail spot and upped the ante even further with his unique mix of seasonally driven classics (like our favorite drink...Read More

2012 Best Bartender



This is the year of the cocktail bar, and the city’s top new spots are anchored by considerable talent. There’s Scott Marshall shaking and stirring at the Hawthorne, and Misty...Read More

2011 Best Bartender

Todd Maul, Clio


While the sheer number of cocktails on the 80-drink list makes our frontal cortex twitch, it’s the list’s creator who brings it to refreshing, delicious life. With extreme attention to...Read More

2008 Best Bartender

John Gertsen, No. 9 Park


Charm and meticulousness have earned this mixologist more than his fair share of props. But that’s no reason to deny him this year’s Best of Boston nod, especially as we...Read More

2007 Best Bartender

Jackson Cannon


Settle into Eastern Standard’s plush, cozy bar and let Cannon welcome you with an easy grin and quick, imaginative recommendations: an old-school cocktail he’s revived (such as his signature Jack...Read More

2006 Best Bartender

Jason Lomberg, Plaza III


Attentive and charming, Lomberg plies his trade in the tourist-infested depths of Faneuil Hall Marketplace, where he’s developed an admirable tolerance for onerous drink orders. But it’s his particular facility...Read More

2005 Best Bartender

Lee Jennings, Union Bar and Grille


A bartender’s primary pursuits are a flawless cocktail mixed with speed and accuracy, and sensational service graciously delivered. Jennings has mastered both. Part bartender, part professor, he’ll happily take a...Read More

2004 Best Bartender

Shawn Ahern, Union Bar and Grille


Quick with the drink recommendation and the flourished bottle, Shawn Ahern is a professional in a trade too full of aspirant talk-show hosts. He pours a finely tuned martini and...Read More

2003 Best Bartender

Greg Griffin, Saint


There are some who believe that a bartender should be neither seen nor heard—that he or she should be a pair of hands floating mimelike in the ether, deft with...Read More

2002 Best Bartender

K.C. Cargill, Chez Henri


At first glance, Cargill has the right résumé: He started at Cheers. Of course, he was only parking cars. Now behind the bar at a more upscale and off-the-beaten-path location,...Read More

2001 Best Bartender

Joe McGuirk, B-Side Lounge


McGuirk is a throwback to a time when cocktails were made without a measuring cup, lighting a lady’s cigarette was cool, and bow-tied bartenders had all the answers. Even his...Read More

2000 Best Bartender, Drinks

Joe McGuirk, B-Side Lounge


The B-Side Lounge has the feel of a real neighborhood establishment, but ever since Joe was written up in Details magazine as a great bartender, tourists have been showing up...Read More

1999 Best Bartender, Beer and Wine

Suzi Dobeli, Bukowski Tavern


Suzi doesn’t mix drinks, because Bukowski is a wine and beer bar only—albeit with one of the selections this side of Brighton. But she has everything else a top bartender...Read More

1999 Best Bartender, Cocktails

Peter Cipriani, 29 Newbury


Sure, the only requirement for a good bartender is that he’s quick with a drink. For a great bartender, stir in some personality. But to be elevated to Bar God...Read More

1992 Best Bartender

Robert Gerard, St. Cloud


A better mixologist than Gerard would be hard to find. But what distinguishes him is the way he makes his three-sided bar feel like an old friend’s living room...Read More

1986 Best Bartender

Robert Gerard

<p>The distinguishing mark of a great bartender is the ability to satisfy all of the customers all of the time—the ability to play sex therapist one minute and sports analyst...Read More

1982 Best Bartender, Disco

Richard Boudreau, Metro


This club is crowded and dark, but Bootie remembers faces, names, and who likes to talk and who doesn’t...Read More

1981 Best Bartender

Harmon Small, Circo & Sal’s


Small’s territory is a little alcove set off from the street by modern art and a huge mirror. If you need a cheering up, ask him about the good old...Read More

1979 Best Bartender

Jim Horgan


Front Street’s bar (260 Berkeley St., Boston) is a quiet, secure haven, protected by Horgan. A five-year veteran of the bartending wars of Boston and Cape Cod, Horgan knows his...Read More

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