Best Bar in Boston


Xtend Barre


It might be 6:30 a.m. on a dreary Tuesday morning, but the staff at Xtend are all smiles, laughter, and encouragement.The positivity doesn’t stop at the barre; even as you…Read More

2016 Best Barware

The Boston Shaker


The Boston Shaker has everything the imbibing sophisticate needs to equip his or her bar cart, from handblown tiki mugs to specialty ingredients like lavender bitters...Read More

2015 Best Bar, Nantucket



With strong drinks, panoramic ocean views, and a shoes-optional vibe, Millie’s has all the makings of the perfect island beach bar. Here longtime locals happily commingle with the weekenders, thanks...Read More

2015 Best Bartender

Patrick Gaggiano, Vialé


There are a couple of reasons to visit a bar. One is to sip masterful cocktails. The other is to savor the charms of the bartender, a pleasure you’ll discover...Read More

2015 Best Bar, Martha's Vineyard

The Port Hunter


If there’s one thing that goes well with great drinks, it’s shuffleboard. The Port Hunter, opened in 2012 by two local brothers, has both, plus a solid beer menu with...Read More

2015 Best Bar Program

Alden & Harlow


Chef Michael Scelfo’s first solo outing was an instant success thanks to its vegetable-forward fare and ungodly rich, smoky burger. But Scelfo also deserves a pat on the back for...Read More

2015 Best Bar Menu



With its dim lighting, convenient Bay Village locale, and peerless carbonara pasta, Erbaluce has been a destination for occasion Italian dining since it opened in 2008. Perhaps less appreciated, however,...Read More

2015 Best Bar with Games

Knight Moves Café


Not technically a bar (it’s BYOB), New England’s only board-game café offers gamers the opportunity to hang out in a comfier version of their living room while kicking their friends’...Read More

2015 Best Barbecue Restaurant

Sweet Cheeks


Tiffani Faison’s barbecue temple has taken the smoky crown in this town four years running, and justifiably so. Those fussing over the heftier prices should note—her fall-apart ribs, crackly-skinned sausages,...Read More

2015 Best Bar, Cape Cod

Quahog Republic


You will not leave this boisterous hangout sober. It pours some of the cheapest, strongest cocktails we’ve ever sipped. (At least they’re made with fresh-squeezed juices, so we can feel...Read More

2014 Best Bar, Cape Cod

The Beachcomber


When President John F. Kennedy established the Cape Cod National Seashore in 1961, he effectively curbed future development in the area. The preexisting Beachcomber, however—housed in an 1897 former lifesaving...Read More

2014 Best Bar Pizza, South

Lynwood Café


When it comes to bar pizza on the South Shore, there are important standards to meet. Are the to-go pies placed between two cardboard plates and slid into a brown...Read More

2014 Best Bar Menu



It’s hardly a secret that Jody Adams’s Cambridge institution has mastered high-end Italian fare. But the strength of the vast, separate bar menu—with bites like duck-pâté bruschetta and pan-roasted broccoli,...Read More

2014 Best Bar, Nantucket

The Nautilus


With Fernet flowing from the tap, this new hot spot attracts an industry crowd. But really, anyone who appreciates a well-crafted drink will enjoy bar manager Clinton Terry’s creative takes...Read More

2014 Best Barbecue Restaurant

Sweet Cheeks


Local barbecue fiends once faced a split decision: You could hit up roadhouse joints like Lester’s, in Burlington, or SoulFire, in Allston, or go a tier higher at Newton’s Blue...Read More

2014 Best Bar, Martha's Vineyard

The Port Hunter


Martha’s Vineyard has a lot going for it—stunning harbor views, bountiful farmers’ markets—but excellent cocktails? Let’s just say that’s been a work in progress. Until now, that is. Helping lead...Read More

2013 Best Bartender

Sam Treadway, Backbar


In just a year, Treadway has taken this already exciting snack-and-cocktail spot and upped the ante even further with his unique mix of seasonally driven classics (like our favorite drink...Read More

2013 Best Bar, Martha's Vineyard

Brick Cellar at Atria


Estonian beer, caipirinhas with a citrus twist—this swanky underground bar is not your typical Vineyard watering hole. The drinks are fun, the atmosphereis cozy and intimate, and the food (including...Read More

2013 Best Bar, West

The Biltmore Bar & Grille


Opened nearly 100 years ago as a Prohibition-era speakeasy, this historical spot has remade itself as a fun, lively place to catch up with friends over craft cocktails (don’t miss...Read More

2013 Best Bar, South

Alma Nove


Technically speaking, Alma Nove is a restaurant. But why quibble? There are only so many places where you can sit outside next to a giant fire pit, sip a well-crafted...Read More

2013 Best Bar, Cape Cod

Nor’ East Beer Garden


The Cape has its share of pubs ready to get you good and sloshed, but if you’d rather savor a drink than slam it back, the Nor’ East Beer Garden,...Read More

2013 Best Bar Menu

No. 9 Park


Chef Barbara Lynch uses the bar menu at her swanky Beacon Hill flagship to experiment with more gently priced (but no less divine) fare—prime steak tartare, truffled potato gnocchi, and...Read More

2013 Best Bar, North

The Dog Bar/65 Main


Folks who come to this beloved local watering hole enjoy its outdoor patio and live music on weekends, and get an added bonus: They can walk into the adjoining restaurant,...Read More

2013 Best Bar, Nantucket

Galley Beach


For the ultimate drink with a view, head to this chichi waterfront lounge, plant your feet firmly in the sand, and try a Moscow Mule or a North Shore (made...Read More

2013 Best Barbecue Restaurant

Sweet Cheeks


Anatomy of a Winner: Contained on a paper-lined tray (and scattered on the reclaimed wood table) is barbecue bliss, as follows. 1. A variety of house-made hot sauces lets you dress your...Read More

2012 Best Bar, Upscale

The Hawthorne


Enjoy hosting your friends in your über-cool city apartment while mixing up painstakingly hand-swizzled drinks? Going to the Hawthorne is a lot like that, with a built-in cleanup crew and...Read More

2012 Best Bartender



This is the year of the cocktail bar, and the city’s top new spots are anchored by considerable talent. There’s Scott Marshall shaking and stirring at the Hawthorne, and Misty...Read More

2012 Best Bar, Martha's Vineyard

Brick Cellar at Atria


Escape the pickled beach-bar crowd at this sexy subterranean spot, with its smart mix of single malts and blends, local beers, and a carefully cultivated wine selection. Order from upstairs...Read More

2012 Best Bar, West

The Cottage Chestnut Hill

Chestnut Hill

Hand-stirred swizzles and strong Sazeracs may rule the city, but the western ‘burbs are still frothing with pomegranate margaritas. Is that a bad thing? Not if those drinks are served...Read More

2012 Best Bar, South

Union Brewhouse


Wood paneling, arcade games, a collection of retro beer cans … hopping onto a barstool at the Union Brewhouse is like sneaking down to your uncle’s basement man cave, circa...Read More

2012 Best Bar, Cape Cod

The Raw Bar


You get the feeling that the topless mermaid suspended from the ceiling here has probably seen it all. From the well-tanned friends whispering about something from last night to the...Read More

2012 Best Bar, North

Vics Boathouse at Victoria Station


Serene by day, sultry by night, and boasting tantalizing harbor views, Vic’s hosts an endless cavalcade of events (open-mike nights, karaoke, and dancing), fueled by an expansive beer list—Pretty Things,...Read More

2012 Best Bar, Nantucket

The Brotherhood of Thieves


This casual spot offers a three-for-one boozing experience: The bustling biergarten, which features beer, wine, and spirits from Nantucket’s own Cisco Brewers; the relaxed upstairs bar, perfect for kicking back...Read More

2012 Best Bar Food



Want to know a secret? We love eating at a fine-dining establishment’s bar, where we get the same great fare and ambiance sans obsequious servers. And the best spot in...Read More

2012 Best Barbecue Restaurant

Sweet Cheeks


Smoked meat, we’ve long held, is the great equalizer—the one cuisine practically everyone (vegetarians aside) can agree on. For proof, head to chef Tiffani Faison’s tribute to Texas. You’ll find...Read More

2011 Best Barbecue Restaurant, Restaurant

Blue Ribbon Bar-B-Q


Who says northerners can’t do ‘cue? Here everything’s cooked low and slow over oak and hickory hardwoods, resulting in unbelievably tender smokehouse meats — from the North Carolina pulled pork...Read More

2011 Best Bar Food, Casual

Audubon Circle


Boston is full of places to grab a beer, a greasy burger, or wings on the cheap. But for a brew and tasty bites that won’t cause a morning-after food...Read More

2011 Best Barbecue Restaurant



Trust us: Don’t take your Redbones carryout on the T. At best, your bag of slow-smoked, spice-rubbed, damn-tasty barbecue will have fellow passengers growling like wild beasts; at worst, you’ve...Read More

2011 Best Bar Food, Specialty

The Haven

Jamaica Plain

The brave-hearted folks at this all-Scottish pub have liberated us from boring Anglo bar snacks. We’ve fallen hard for the tantalizing sausage-wrapped hard-boiled eggs and finnan haddie croquettes. Chasing it...Read More

2011 Best Bartender

Todd Maul, Clio


While the sheer number of cocktails on the 80-drink list makes our frontal cortex twitch, it’s the list’s creator who brings it to refreshing, delicious life. With extreme attention to...Read More

2011 Best Bar, Martha's Vineyard

Offshore Ale Company

Oak Bluffs

Oak Bluffs is the antithesis of the Jersey Shore, so why do most of its bar options seem so well suited for “gym, tan, laundry”? Escape to the Offshore Ale...Read More

2011 Best Bar Food, Upscale

Craigie On Main


Few food-world darlings have gotten more love of late than chef Tony Maws; everyone from Martha Stewart to James Beard has gushed. But for all the highfalutin accolades Maws has...Read More

2011 Best Bar, West

The Biltmore Bar and Grille

Newton Upper Falls

“Newton Upper Falls” and “hipster pub” aren’t words you normally hear in the same sentence. Yet there it is: a suburban bar sporting a comfortably dark atmosphere, live music on...Read More

2011 Best Barbecue Restaurant, West

Blue Ribbon Bar-B-Q

West Newton

Who says northerners can’t do ‘cue? Here everything’s cooked low and slow over oak and hickory hardwoods, resulting in unbelievably tender smokehouse meats — from the North Carolina pulled pork...Read More

2011 Best Bar, Cape Cod

The Beachcomber


Whoever said you can’t please all the people all the time clearly hasn’t been to the Beachcomber. Awesome views and beach access? Check. Long list of cocktails and heavy-pouring bartenders?...Read More

2011 Best Bar, Upscale



From behind a bar devoid of the usual parade of bottles, some of the city’s most acclaimed barkeeps mix and measure with scientific precision, pulling esoteric liquors, cocktail-specific utensils, tiny...Read More

2011 Best Bar, North

The Grog


Temple to haute cuisine and artisanal cocktails it’s not. But if what you crave is a frosty IPA, good-humored barkeeps, and feisty locals who aren’t afraid to rock an open...Read More

2011 Best Bar, Nantucket

Corazón del Mar


When we walked through the door and spied the ceviche and raw bar, we were infatuated. When we climbed the staircase and saw the packed, boisterous tequila bar, we were...Read More

2010 Best Bar Food

Chez Henri


Bellying up to the bar has never felt so sophisticated as it does at Chez Henri, a classic Cambridge bistro. The bar fare—like that offered in the dining room—strikes a...Read More

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