Best Bar, Neighborhood in Boston

2001 Best Bar, Neighborhood

B-Side Lounge


Maybe it’s the bull-shooting bartenders who are as comfortable serving strong martinis as they are Schlitz. Or maybe it’s the mellow, tattooed clientele that stroll in from Cambridge’s Area 3….Read More

2000 Best Bar, Neighborhood

The Good Life, Cambridge


The latest addition to Brian O’Neill’s growing empire, this new Good Life is perfectly suited to its Central Square location. The decor is, as in other Good Lifes, remarkably similar…Read More

1996 Best Bar, Neighborhood



The chicken “parm” is terrific, the drinks are huge, the prices can’t be beat, and the serving staff couldn’t be friendlier. When Mary, the waitress, raps your salad dressing options,…Read More

1996 Best Bar, Neighborhood

The Brendan Behan Pub

Jamaica Plain

Townies and visitors alike love this little Irish bar in the part of JP known as Hyde Square. The place to grab a Guinness on tap, catch up with friends,…Read More

1996 Best Bar, Neighborhood

Warren Tavern


Paul Revere called it his favorite watering hole. George Washington is said to have stopped by for a brewski. Since then, thousands of townies have lifted a pint to their…Read More

1995 Best Bar, Neighborhood

The Delux Cafe and Lounge


With Didi (formerly of the Blue Room) in the kitchen and cheap drinks at the bar, this lounge has become the South End’s favorite place to hang if you’re young,…Read More

1994 Best Bar, Neighborhood

The Sevens Ale House


The only people unhappy with the Sevens are those standing in line when a regular patron walks by them and through the door. Some of the regulars should have their…Read More

1988 Best Bar, Neighborhood

Doyle’s Café

Jamaica Plain

Even though they’ve pushed out some walls and expanded, this is still the bar that best mirrors its diverse, high-energy neighborhood…Read More

1985 Best Bar, Neighborhood


Jamaica Plain

The owners, the Burkes, obviously know how to have a good time…Read More

1984 Best Bar, Neighborhood



Unpretentious watering hole on the fringe of pretentious Back Bay. Safe. You won’t be sorry…Read More

1982 Best Bar, Neighborhood

Bull & Finch Pub


Where the young professionals on the Hill sip the best Bloody Mary’s in town…Read More

1981 Best Bar, Neighborhood



Downscale ambience in an upscale neighborhood. Drop in for beer on your way to the Parkman House for supper…Read More

1979 Best Bar, Neighborhood

Inn Square Men’s Bar


A perrenial favorite. Great music, extended happy hour, cheap drinks. Not what you’d expect describe as the last word in comfort, however…Read More

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