Best Bar Food in Boston

2012 Best Bar Food



Want to know a secret? We love eating at a fine-dining establishment’s bar, where we get the same great fare and ambiance sans obsequious servers. And the best spot in…Read More

2010 Best Bar Food

Chez Henri


Bellying up to the bar has never felt so sophisticated as it does at Chez Henri, a classic Cambridge bistro. The bar fare—like that offered in the dining room—strikes a…Read More

2009 Best Bar Food

Sel de la Terre


To go along with its spanking-new digs, the Back Bay outpost of this country-French standby has installed a smart but casual downstairs café with a menu to match. We’re partial…Read More

2003 Best Bar Food

Chez Henri


Slow-roasted pork, wafer-thin ham, and gooey Gruyère, pressed together between slices of buttery, crisp Portuguese bread and served skillet-hot with homemade plaintain chips—there may be other ways to end a…Read More

2001 Best Bar Food

DeLux Café & Lounge


Walls covered in ’50s album covers, an Elvis shrine offset by Christmas lights, a crowd as thick with tattoos as with suits, restrooms wallpapered with old Eloise and Spiderman clippings—DeLux…Read More

1990 Best Bar Food



The bar at Biba is a scene, with the local swells packing the place every night. They must be coming for the sensational bar snacks—especially the crispy scallion pancakes, and…Read More

1989 Best Bar Food

St. Cloud


Brooks Brothers skirts, Louis shirts, white leather boots, and black funk. What do they have in common? You can see ’em all at the St. Cloud bar, where anybody and…Read More

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