Best Bagel in Boston




Baker Mary Ting Hyatt has grown her Bagelsaurus venture from a weekend-only side project at Cutty’s to a full-fledged bagel revolution in Porter Square. Hyatt can barely keep up with…Read More

2001 Best Bagel, West

Café Fresh Bagel


Generous but not too doughy, these fat, warm bagels draw long lines of in-the-know commuters every morning. And the counter staff brooks no delays, welcoming regulars without missing an order....Read More

2000 Best Bagel

Cafe Fresh


Though we have many advantages as a city, Boston is not New York when it comes to bagels. Thank goodness for Cafe Fresh, a suburban outfit doing its best to...Read More

1999 Best Bagel

Cafe Fresh Bagel


They’re plump and chewy, not the leaden wheels so many bagel shops offer. Even visiting New Yorkers keep H&H comparisons under wraps when they’re served these bready wonders at brunch....Read More

1998 Best Bagel

Brooklyn Bagel


How far did we have to go to find the best bagel? To Brooklyn, by way of Framingham Center. Firm on the outside, hot on the inside, these babies come...Read More

1997 Best Bagel

Finagle A Bagel


Their initials don’t spell FAB for nothing. Soft and chewy on the inside, with a firm-but-not-crunchy shell, Finagle’s are what bagels are supposed to be: not too round, not too...Read More

1995 Best Bagel

Finagle A Bagel

At last, a treat we can enjoy without guilt. Finagle bagels have very little fat and most varieties have no cholesterol, and they are still fabulous. Of course, they’re even...Read More

1982 Best Bagel


Newton Centre

This newcomer edges out Hall of Famer Jaffe’s Pick-A-Chick for the first time. Crustier and tastier than the perennial favorite...Read More

1978 Best Bagel

Al Jaffe’s Pick-A-Chick


We deferred to our readers here. “Softer than Eagerman’s,” one wrote on her ballot. “So fresh out of the oven they’ll burn your hands,” said another. “I’d kill for an...Read More

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