Best Athlete, Pro in Boston

1999 Best Athlete, Pro

Doug Flutie, Buffalo Bills

They say that if you put a lump of coal under enough pressure, you’ll get a diamond. The same goes for the magical Flutie. And between heightened expectations for the…Read More

1989 Best Athlete, Pro

John Stephens

The Patriots’ rookie running back gained more than 1,000 yards and almost carried a team with no passing attack into the play-offs…Read More

1988 Best Athlete, Pro

Roger Clemens

Two Cy Youngs in a row, and working on a third. With Larry Bird in the Hall of Fame, he’s the obvious choice…Read More

1987 Best Athlete, Pro

Kevin McHale

Were it not for Hall of Farmer Larry Bird’s preeminence, McHale might be recognized as the greatest basketball player this town has seen since John Havilcek retired…Read More

1986 Best Athlete, Pro

Danny Ainge

Yeah, yeah. We’ve knocked him in the past as a player. But his athleticism is unquestioned. He has played major league baseball. And this year he decided to play major…Read More

Most Viewed Winners of Sports

  • Tom Brady, 2013 Best Athlete