Best Athlete, Amateur in Boston

1999 Best Athlete, Amateur

Wayne Turner

One of the great, virtually untold stories in local sports, Turner grew up on Mission Hill, got financial aid to attend the Beaver Country Day School in Newton, and was…Read More

1989 Best Athlete, Amateur

The Harvard men’s hockey team

For winning the NCAA championship. Honorable mention: Dana Barros. BC’s stylish point machine supplied what little college hoop excitement Boston enjoyed. And Salem’s Jeff Juden finished up a starry career…Read More

1985 Best Athlete, Amateur

Ray Flynn

Basketball or running, Mayor. You’ve got to choose…Read More

1983 Best Athlete, Amateur

Joan Benoit

Her marathon win was comparable to Bob Beamon’s legendary Olympic long jump…Read More

Most Viewed Winners of Sports

  • Tom Brady, 2013 Best Athlete