Best Art Gallery in Boston


Carroll and Sons


Every time we walk into this avant-garde Harrison Avenue gallery, we fall in love with yet another up-and-coming video artist, painter, or sculptor…Read More

2015 Best Art Gallery

Gallery Kayafas


Owner Arlette Kayafas’s gallery represents a broad cross-section of Boston art. There are works from established local icons—Jules Aarons’s photos of the old West End, First Night founder Clara Wainwright’s...Read More

2014 Best Art Gallery

Steven Zevitas Gallery


The best galleries have a knack for spotting cool things early. In recent years, the Harrison Avenue space featured Andrew Masullo’s cartoony paintings before he appeared in the Whitney Biennial...Read More

2013 Best Art Gallery

LaMontagne Gallery

South Boston

The new South Boston, recently referred to as “SoBo” by the New York Times, may eventually earn such a sobriquet around town thanks to relative upstarts like LaMontagne Gallery. Since...Read More

2013 Best Art Gallery, Photography

Gallery Kayafas


Unsettling, luscious, provocative—fine-art photography should be all of these things. Gallery Kayafas, a loftlike space in SoWa, showcases work of precisely this sort, with a majority of artists having local...Read More

2012 Best Art Gallery

Barbara Krakow Gallery


When the MFA has an Alex Katz retro-spective, this Newbury Street gallery has the clout to run its own Katz portraiture show at the same time. Bold, courageous, and experimental,...Read More

2012 Best Art Gallery, Photography

Robert Klein Gallery


Few Boston galleries can claim to have an international following, but this small fourth-floor boutique on Newbury Street is a big-league player. When Robert Klein founded his gallery more than...Read More

2011 Best Art Gallery

Barbara Krakow Gallery


Buckminster Fuller architectural prints. Richard Serra silkscreens. Works by Jenny Holzer, Bruce Nauman, Tara Donovan, and Ellsworth Kelly. Over the past 12 months, all have graced Barbara Krakow’s stark white...Read More

2011 Best Art Gallery, Photography

Robert Klein Gallery


Since 1980, owner Robert Klein has been quietly amassing fine-art photography and selling to major collectors. He carries work by the likes of Ansel Adams, Alfred Stieglitz, and Edward Weston,...Read More

2011 Best Art Gallery, West

Clark Gallery


Since taking over in 2008, photographer Dana Salvo and artist Dawn Southworth have continued this gallery’s effort to present contemporary works through intriguingly themed shows such as “Head On,” an...Read More

2010 Best Art Gallery

Lanoue Fine Art


Local masterpiece-mongers tend to deal in one of two extremes: jejune still-lifes geared to designers who spruce up Back Bay sunrooms, or sprawling esoterica that cause poseurs to start lusting...Read More

2006 Best Art Gallery

Bernard Toale Gallery


Veteran art dealer Bernard Toale, formerly based in the Back Bay, relocated to Harrison Avenue back when SoWa was just a gleam in ambitious real estate agents eyes. Today he...Read More

2006 Best Art Gallery, West

New Art Center


In Newton’s New Art Center classes, weekend collectors can ponder the age-old question—What Is Art?—then study the intriguing works showcased in the late-1800s Universalist church. Should you find something lacking...Read More

2006 Best Art Gallery, North

Alpers Fine Art


Owner Peter Alpers of six-year-old Alpers Fine Art sells paintings on a variety of backdrops (canvas, wood, Plexiglas) by an impressive stable of established artists (Ellen Granter, C. J. Phu)...Read More

2006 Best Art Gallery, South

Sparrow House


The 17th and 21st centuries merge seamlessly in this part-museum, part-gallery that sits inside a Colonial-era landmark. Three times each season, Sparrow House holds free shows featuring American artists such...Read More

2005 Best Art Gallery

Gallery Naga


Arthur Dion’s eclectic, electric Gallery Naga has become an art lover’s Newbury Street staple. Set in a neo-Gothic stone church, the gallery showcases contemporary prints, paintings, photographs, and furniture by...Read More

2002 Best Art Gallery

Bernard Toale Gallery


The burgeoning SOWA (South of Washington) district is now a must-see destination, thanks in no small part to Bernie Toale. Toale’s gallery has been a showcase for everything from the...Read More

2001 Best Art Gallery

Barbara Krakow


Known far and wide as Boston’s “mini MoMA,” the Krakow is Ground Zero for emerging contemporary art. The gallery’s owners consistently go out of their way to dig up new...Read More

2000 Best Art Gallery

Childs Gallery


Since 1937 Childs has been a flagship of Boston’s fine art market. Specializing in pre-World War II American and European paintings, prints, drawings, and sculpture, Childs is where you go...Read More

1999 Best Art Gallery

Bernard Toale Gallery


The gallery moved last year from its swank Newbury Street location to a more intimate South End setting. Toale’s edginess is more than topographical however: He represents many of the...Read More

1998 Best Art Gallery

Bernard Toale


Toale wins this year not just for his keen eye but for his moxie. When all five gallery owners at 11 Newbury Street were forced to leave in April because...Read More

1997 Best Art Gallery

MIT List Visual Arts Center


About every eight weeks, from September to June, the LVAC shows innovative, provocative contemporary work in all media by established and emerging artists, including the likes of Kiki Smith and...Read More

1995 Best Art Gallery, City

Nina Nielsen


Nielsen brings Boston the most painterly painters, including New York abstractionist John Walker...Read More

1995 Best Art Gallery, Suburban

The Chapel Gallery

West Newton

This gallery is a collaborative of contemporary sculptors turning out consistently fine work in a converted old Newton church...Read More

1993 Best Art Gallery, Experimental

The Space Gallery


Because it is a nonprofit, the Space has the courage to harbor exhibits it doesn’t need to sell. Visitors, therefore, get an artist’s conception unshackled...Read More

1992 Best Art Gallery, Traditional

Vose Galleries


Vose has been in the same family for five generations, for more than a century and a half. It has a right to be snooty but isn’t. The owners will...Read More

1992 Best Art Gallery, Contemporary

Thomas Segal


Segal’s shows are eclectic and fine. He’s bringing international artists to town, and he continues to show New England’s best...Read More

1988 Best Art Gallery, Alternative

The Space


What the Space lacks in Newbury Street glitz it makes up for vision. Founder Stella MacGregor says her gallery is in “the south end of the South End.” We say...Read More

1988 Best Art Gallery, City

Mario Diacono Gallery


Diacono chooses quality over quantity. Exhibitions at his Fenway gallery rarely include more than a few works, but they are always good works, like those of Italian neoexpressionists Francesco Clemente...Read More

1988 Best Art Gallery, Suburban

Wendell Street Gallery


Since the gallery opened, 12 years ago, in Jane Shapiro’s home, it has shown dramatic oil paintings, watercolors, and prints by notable black artists, among them Bryan McFarlane, Robert Freeman,...Read More

1985 Best Art Gallery, Avant-Garde

Stux Galleries


The Bilzerian of the art community. We especially like the commitment to local artists even when they don’t sell...Read More

1985 Best Art Gallery, Suburban

Clark Gallery


Could easily be in New York City given the sophistication and consistency of the shows...Read More

1983 Best Art Gallery, In Town

Thomas Segal Gallery


For its risky decision to open a new space in Jamaica Plain for large installations...Read More

1983 Best Art Gallery, Imitation SoHo Gallery

Stux Gallery


Fine space, stable avant-garde artists...Read More

1982 Best Art Gallery

Clark Gallery


Particularly effective in getting people to notice and buy local work...Read More

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