Best Aerobics Instructor in Boston


Helena Collins, Life in Synergy


Cross a weighted ball with a giant rubber band, and you get a workout that strengthens underused muscles while stretching overused ones. Helena Collins’s resistance-training classes leave you long and…Read More

1998 Best Aerobics Instructor

John Maynihan


He’s short, fit, funny, and warm— he’s human. More realist than Robocop, John is a hard-driving motivator who makes you laugh before, while, and after you sweat. From careful but...Read More

1997 Best Aerobics Instructor, General

Georgia Janos


It is tough to slack off in an aerobics class when the instructor’s enthusiasm is as inspiring as the theme from Rocky . Georgia Janos has been doing the...Read More

1997 Best Aerobics Instructor, Step

George Moore


Don’t let the drill-sergeant approach fool you, George Moore’s step classes put the fun back into working out. His classes are so popular novices are advised to arrive early, grab...Read More

1997 Best Aerobics Instructor, Funk

Calvin Wiley


The classes are referred to as boot camp, but the moves are oriented more to funk and dance than to the military. Wiley is a contemporary dancer and choreographer, and...Read More

1995 Best Aerobics Instructor

Franny Benedetto

Everyone who’s anyone in the aerobics world knows Benedetto and her Power Pac Jam featured at health clubs across the metropolitan area. Recently chosen as a Reebok national trainer, Benedetto’s...Read More

1994 Best Aerobics Instructor

Dena Raptis, The Frills Aerobic Factory


Dena Raptis’s hard-drivin’, hip-hoppin’ cardio-pump and hot-fun classes pack them into a no-frills cavernous studio. You’ll finish her workouts feeling like you just starred in a Janet Jackson video...Read More

1984 Best Aerobics Instructor, Classes

Joy of Movement

Thorough instruction by qualified teachers who excel in making exercise fun...Read More

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