Best Accessories in Boston


Lekker Home


Continuing their quest for the latest in clean, contemporary design, Lekker owners Natalie and Curt Carpenter have introduced several new lines to their store’s stunning portfolio. John Derian’s decoupage serving…Read More

2011 Best Accessories, Men's

Bobby from Boston


Spared the ever-shifting trends that rule women’s fashion, men have the luxury of building their accessories wardrobe from time-honored staples. From leather belts to sunglasses to silk ties, the best...Read More

2011 Best Accessories, Women's



The smallish Stel’s proves that more is not always more. By showcasing only the most au courant of accessories—from statement-making jewelry to walk-on-the-wild-side shoes that nobody else in town has...Read More

2010 Best Accessories, Men's Fashion

Barneys New York


Some men like to shop. Then there are the rest of them. At Barneys New York, the breadth of merchandise—a bounty of socks, cuff links, wallets, watches, duffels, and other...Read More

2010 Best Accessories, Women's Fashion

Faire la Fete at M. Flynn Accessories


When you need something pretty, there’s no better stop than this new “special occasion” offshoot of M. Flynn Accessories. Owners (and sisters) Megan and Moria Flynn start with their own...Read More

2009 Best Accessories, Men's

Barneys New York


Whether in pursuit of the perfect burger or a potential mate, we men typically thrill to the chase. But hunting for just-right cuff links? Oh, no. No, no. The quickest...Read More

2009 Best Accessories, Women's



What’s the use of having disposable income if you go and blow it on disposable style? For accoutrements with staying power—and that won’t show up on Bluefly three weeks later—look...Read More

2007 Best Accessories

Barneys New York


Just as toppings make the sundae, accessories make the outfit. Barneys boasts a broader inventory than most, with two floors of jewelry, scarves, gloves, glasses, and other add-ons from 200-plus...Read More

2006 Best Accessories

Barneys New York


A wise woman once said the only thing separating us from animals is our ability to accessorize. (Actually it was Olympia Dukakis in Steel Magnolias, but still, she was on...Read More

2005 Best Accessories

Lavender Home & Table


Why shop at a chain store? At Lavender, linens, candles, and other tabletop wares are culled from independent European vendors. And while a French country vibe pervades the shop, it’s...Read More

2004 Best Accessories, Home



From the moment you walk up the narrow stairway, you sense something unique about this chic interior design boutique. The collection is defined by rare vintage glass vases from Denmark,...Read More

2004 Best Accessories

Louis Boston


Whoever made the word “accessory” synonymous with second-fiddle status never saw the way a strapless clutch can transform a dull getup into a shap ensemble. It’s no small consideration, then,...Read More

2002 Best Accessories, Women's



Yes, God is in the details, and Matsu owner Dava Muramatsu knows it. Every colorful corner here is crammed with objects of beauty—clothes by Comme des Garcons and Rozae Nichols,...Read More

1999 Best Accessories

Barneys New York

Chestnut Hill

It’s said that what separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize. If you’re looking for pashminas, the flash of a Fendi croissant bag, beaded scarves, shoes, or...Read More

1994 Best Accessories, Bed and Bath

The Victorian Bedroom


Visit this cozy jewelry of a shop featuring luxe accoutrements for bed and bath, and be reassured that rumors to the contrary, the good life has not gone out of...Read More

1993 Best Accessories, Men's and Women's



This limited but eclectic group of unisex accessories has already caught the fancy of the Euro-crowd: leather belts, hats, and sunglasses from Italy; terrific socks; and silk vests by Tunji...Read More

1992 Best Accessories, Offbeat

The Pear Tree


No rhyme or reason in this mother lode of tantalizing etcetera, but the imported handicrafts—earrings, amulets, baskets, wall hangings, you name it—are irresistible. Ditto the prices...Read More

1986 Best Accessories, Women's



The place to go when you want showstopping conversation pieces...Read More

1982 Best Accessories, Italian



A serene, gentle place to shop, very European...Read More

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